Thursday, February 19, 2009

an unofficial reunion - join us!

Facebook is wonderful wouldn't you agree?? I have found SO many old friends there!! In fact Jenn Todd (whom i know from Rose Hill Elem. - her dad was our b-ball coach and the best janitor/fix-it guy/you-name-it-he-could-do-it man around!!) contacted a few of us about her dad's health and we all got to chatting and she suggested we have a get-together! She sent out this invite and suggested that we pass it on!! So, consider yourselves invited to the Class of '94, totally unofficial 14 1/2 year (cuz it will be 15 in June) reunion!

Saturday March 7th at Chopstix piano bar in Everett at around 8pm. The address is 2820 Oakes and if there isn't enough room for all of us/if we get bored, there's quite a few others in walking distance.

Hope to see you there!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Monday is the longest day of my life!!

Not just because it's Monday ... but because I have to wait until Monday NIGHT to watch Jason on the Bachelor!! It's narrowed to 2 - (the 2 I was rooting for!!) and next Monday it's the Women Tell ALL!! Don't miss it!!
Who do you think he should pick??

by the way - these pictures don't do these girls justice! they are so much cuter on the show! and i bet even better in person! can't wait for another reunion to meet the lucky girl!